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Saturday 10 May 2014

Android Wi FI Hack

Android Wi FI Hack Free Download

A simple and very useful application. Unfortunately, she is not in the Google Store and rather never be gone because applications of this type does not host too long there place. Why useful? Because thanks to it you will not worry about the lack of internet in the phone. It allows you to get the password for the Wi Fi if you are within range of that network, it is important to you to be within range as'' good'' or so calls with 3 bars because cracks can not go wrong.

See how it look: Show Video

In my tests resulted that the application does not need too much, or phone with wi fi and so more than 200 + of RAM, and as a good processor.
I tested on the following models:
Samsung Galaxy s4, s5
Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Ace 1.2
Sony Xperia x10
Samsun Wave
HTC wild fire

They are a very good phone but I think that at worst it will work.
All instruction is included in the package with the application.

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