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Saturday 21 June 2014

War Thunder Hack v1.2.1

War Thunder Hack v1.2.1

The new design for the game War Thunder is not yet done until the very end, but unusable. Hack offers us a golden eagles, lions and free exp but already in this sentence mention not to overdo the amount because it is very easy to get banned.
Hack has been fitted with a simple generator that facilitates the use of it - as my colleague said, you can use it even a child.''

And now the most important information as I mentioned do not overdo it with the addition of a eagles or lions. Hack works on all Windows systems 64 bites and requires net fromworka to run correctly. Manual installation and operation as well as the known my problems is in the middle and is described in 24 languages. For other problems, please contact us.

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Tuesday 13 May 2014

World of Tanks Gold Generator

World of Tanks Gold Generator Free Download

World of Tanks Gold Generator is the first hack added on this blog. This is just the beginning of hacks for games will be more of them soon.

Hack World of Tanks Gold Generator will generate you gold in less than 5 minutes. Simple to use and does not require charging very useful because in order to achieve something in this game you have to spend many hours a day.

Windows 7/8, Vista, Xp, Linux
works on versions of Windows 32,64 bites
On Mac OS also tested problems are small but that is described in the manual
NET Framework 3.5 or 4
Full instructions of the installation is described in the package with hack

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Saturday 10 May 2014

Android Wi FI Hack

Android Wi FI Hack Free Download

A simple and very useful application. Unfortunately, she is not in the Google Store and rather never be gone because applications of this type does not host too long there place. Why useful? Because thanks to it you will not worry about the lack of internet in the phone. It allows you to get the password for the Wi Fi if you are within range of that network, it is important to you to be within range as'' good'' or so calls with 3 bars because cracks can not go wrong.

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In my tests resulted that the application does not need too much, or phone with wi fi and so more than 200 + of RAM, and as a good processor.
I tested on the following models:
Samsung Galaxy s4, s5
Samsung Galaxy Note
Samsung Galaxy Ace 1.2
Sony Xperia x10
Samsun Wave
HTC wild fire

They are a very good phone but I think that at worst it will work.
All instruction is included in the package with the application.

Tuesday 6 May 2014

Wi Fi Password Hack

Wi Fi Password Hack - grab the password to the internet neighbor and do not worry about limits already. The application is simple to use and allows you to get the password for the Wi Fi in your range, you can do it using a laptop at school or at work it depends on you. The tool can handle even the protected networks WPA/WPA2 and WEP but sometimes it may take a little more time.

The program does not need too much of everything is located in your Windows (not tested on Linux so I do not know how it will work)
In addition, you need a Net Framwork 3.5 or better
The instructions are in the package with the program

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Facebook Password Hack

Facebook Password Hack is a simple tool to crack passwords for facebook.
The tool  has been created in order to have fun and not for commercial purposes or fraud. You can write something on the blackboard friend, criminal pricks are now in vogue sure you will have hours of laughter from his colleagues.

 Supports Windows 7/Vista/XP and similar to Windows 8 not tested
 To support the required Net Fromvork 3 or better
 After unpacking you should familiarize yourself the instructions.

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